Investing in Real Estate

We are pleased to offer the following services to our investor clients and partner realtors:

Assistance in Buying Real Estate with Retirement Plans

Tired of the uncertainty of the stock market?
Protect your hard earned retirement money by investing in something you know.
Investing retirement account money in real estate with the funds staying inside the retirement account is easy to do.  Learn how.

Assistance in 1031 Exchanges

Avanti Consultants helps investors through the 1031 Exchange Process.
We offer assistance from beginning to end, helping you to sell your existing property and find a replacement property within the 1031 exchange guidelines.  Our goal is to help you achieve a  greater return on your investment in addition to the tax benefits of a 1031 Exchange.  Here are the requirements to defer taxes on a sale under Section 1031:  Here's how.

Identification of properties in markets throughout the United States

Identification of foreclosure properties and assistance with short sales

Potential Properties to Consider Investing In

Condos, Apartments or Single-Family Homes Fixer-Uppers 
Real Estate Value 
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Tax Considerations

Property Taxes 
Income Taxes 
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Finance Options

Lease Options 
Property Management 
Seller Financing 
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  • Retire Rich Using Tax Deferred Real Estate Investment Strategies
  • Buying  Real Estate with your Retirement Plan / The Basics of 1031 Exchanges

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