Avanti Consultants helps investors through the 1031 Exchange Process.

We offer assistance from beginning to end, helping you to sell your existing property and find a replacement property within the 1031 exchange guidelines.  Our goal is to help you achieve a  greater return on your investment in addition to the tax benefits of a 1031 Exchange.  Here are the requirements to defer taxes on a sale under Section 1031:

Requirements To Defer Taxes on a Sale Under Section 1031:

1.  Purchase equal or greater value.
2.  Reinvest all net equity.
3.  Never touch the proceeds.

Basic Exchange Rules Only

The basic exchange rules:
1.  Completed within strict time frame (180 days).
2.  Must identify replacement within 45 days.
3.  Same or greater value as relinquished property.
4.  Re-invest all proceeds.
5.  Obtain equal or greater debt.
6.  Property must be held for investment/business purpose.

1031 Exchange/45 Day Rules

Method #1 - The taxpayer may identify a maximum of three (3) replacement 
                     properties without regard to fair market value ("3 property rule).

Method #2 - 200% Rule.  Allows identification of more than three (3) but the total 
                    aggregate value of all properties identified cannot exceed 200% of the
                    relinquished property value.

Method #3 - 95% Rule.  If taxpayer does not follow the two previous rules, the 
                    exchange will qualify if the exchanger acquires 95% of the total fair 
                     market value of all identified replacement properties.

Our commitment to providing excellent service for investors has enabled us to become a Platinum Rewards Provider with 1031 Exchange Advantage.  This designation allow us to offer our clients significant savings on their exchanges.

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